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The new combi stove Induo

A stove for logs and pellets and all that without conver-sion or switchover. Induo is a log and pellet stove.

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Best Product of the Year 2012

Induo has been honoured as the best combi stove with the Plus X Award "Best Product of the Year 2012".

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Convenient. Economical. Environmentally friendly.

The Rikatronic³ regulates the air supply to your RIKA stove completely automatically at every combustion phase.

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NEW: Imposa Rikatronic┬│ stove

Everything you need for heating: large combustion chamber, long-lasting heat release and a huge benefit in convenience.

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Take a virtual tour of the RIKA Showroom

Showroom with comfortable ambience. See for yourself.

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RIKA Heating Type Adviser

Woodburning stove or pellet stove? We would be happy to help you find out which stove is more suited to you.

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Enjoy the freedom of heating

Let yourself carry off to the world of RIKA woodburning stoves and pellet stoves. We have suitable and high-quality stoves for every style. From straight to extravagant, from loft to cosy living room – our online adviser helps you find the stove that’s right for you.

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RIKA: Woodburning and pellet stoves from the innovation leader

The family-run company has become the leading stove producer since its foundation 60 years ago and is today synonymous with the most innovative products of excellent quality. All products are guaranteed Made in Austria. Improving the tried and trusted and developing new products – this is how RIKA presents itself as the leading producer of woodburning and pellet stoves in 2011 more advanced, more environmentally aware and more sustainable than ever. A woodburning or pellet stove from Rika combines innovation and easy operation in maximum combustion efficiency and superb design.

Environmental concerns have priority in RIKA’s corporate philosophy.  Thus international standards have always been not only fulfilled but greatly surpassed. Various certifications from the most rigorous organisations demonstrate impressively this alignment to environmental concerns. Further information can be obtained under Adviser Environment & promotions

RIKA has the right stove for you whether you are looking for a woodburning stove or a pellet stove:

  • A very broad selection of woodburning stoves and pellet stoves
  • The right woodburning stove or pellet stove for every budget from affordable to exclusive
  • The right stove for every target group and any living area, from traditional to modern
  • More than 600 specialist dealers throughout Europe are available for you Dealer search
  • Our stove configurator enables you to select the right woodburning stove or pellet stove for you from our range! Filter the stoves shown according to the criteria relevant to you.
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