Your career with RIKA

Our full company name, “RIKA Innovative Ofentechnik” (RIKA Innovative Stove Technology), is not just a name, it's also a promise, an undertaking and an aspiration. To realise this aspiration, every one of our employees should have a fire inside them, a burning passion for innovation and tradition, for craftsmanship and quality, and for art and beauty.  

If you too have that fire, and are aware that RIKA offers not only stoves, but also a good quality of life, we would be happy to receive your application.  

What we offer

What we have to offer:

  • An appealing working environment
  • Challenging projects
  • Rewarding roles
  • Freedom for personal development
  • An innovative, leading company

Did you know?

  • RIKA was the first company in Europe to introduce pellet stove technology.
  • RIKA is currently the only stove manufacturer to have developed a combi stove that can automatically switch between heating with pellets and heating with logs.
  • RIKA has developed technology for log-burning stoves that reduces wood consumption by half and emissions by 90 percent. In addition, this technology indicates the best time to add more logs.
  • RIKA has developed the first stove in the world with an efficiency level of more than 90 percent.

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