– Stove with built-in intelligence

The Rikatronic³ system controls your stove fully automatically at every stage of combustion, without you lifting a finger. Stove control couldn't be more convenient, economical, or environmentally responsible.

Rikatronic³: one system
– three benefits:

Half the <br>consumption

Half the

The Rikatronic³ controls the combustion air fully automatically and indicates the ideal time to add more wood. In eco mode the firebed is kept burning for an extended period, for even longer thermal storage. This cuts wood consumption, and therefore your heating costs, by up to 50 percent.

Minimal <br>emissions


The Rikatronic³ doesn't just minimise wood consumption. The fully automatic sensor control also ensures efficient combustion with low emissions, which is better for both the environment and your bank balance.

Double the <br>comfort

Double the

The Rikatronic³ assists you at all stages of heating – from lighting the fire to adding more wood. The work required to operate your RIKA stove, such as adding wood or emptying the ash pan, is thus reduced to a minimum.

All the environmental benefits of the Rikatronic³

    Connect the stove to a power supply (230 V - 50 Hz) and switch on the ON/OFF switch which is on the back of the stove. The power consumption of the Rikatronic³ is 2 to 4 watts.

    The stove can also be operated without power if no power supply is available.
    Insert and light the fuel as normal. When the stove door is closed, the Rikatronic³
    automatically starts regulating the air supply in the combustion chamber to the ideal level.
    When the Rikatronic³ flashes red, it is the ideal time to add more wood.
  • Open the door using the supplied RIKA heat-resistant glove and place the wood in the combustion chamber.
    Once the required room temperature is reached, you can activate the eco mode by pressing the Rikatronic³ button. This causes the air supply to be optimally controlled to maintain the fire for as long as possible and to leave behind as little ash as possible. In other words, it means getting the most out of the fuel.